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Dermatology Recommendations from Swiss Board-certified Skin Doctor

We aim to provide personalized dermatology to those outside of the Geneva area.
If interested, after payment, we will send all the practical information to your email.


We offer the following options:
Standard service – response within 7 days (29 CHF – around 32 USD)
Teledermatology with board certified Swiss dermatologist

Premium service – response within 72 hours (39 CHF – around 43 USD)
Teledermatology with board certified Swiss dermatologist

Express service – response within 36 hours (49 CHF – around 54 USD)
Teledermatology with board certified Swiss dermatologist


There is no difference in the quality of the recommendation. The doctor is certified by the Swiss board of dermatology and will spend up to 20 minutes.

  • Disclaimer
  1. The aim of this service is to provide comments and advice for skin problems. Although all the advice is obtained from board certified dermatologists, you may need to see a dermatologist for further mangagement. Complicated cases are best managed by a medical dermatologist whom you see directly.
  2. Due to the fact that a direct face-to-face consultation is not made, comments and recommendations do not constitute medical advice. This does not therefore replace consultation with a dermatologist. No medical prescriptions may be obtained through this service.
  3. Comments and recommendations are based on information received which can be partial. Therefore no responsibility can be taken by the dermatologists who offer this service.
  4. Sent information will be kept strictly confidential. However privacy problems might potentially arise when transmitting information on the net. Under no circumstances can the Global Dermatology Information Portal or the dermatologists offering this service be held responsible.
  5. This service is not available in Switzerland.
  6. This service is not reimbursed by medical insurance.