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蕁麻疹 (风疹)




What are hives? ( Wind rash)

  • Is a prurigo, local skin swollen, usually lasts several hours.
  • Urticaria occur in the eyes, lips loose tissue, severe swelling of the infected area.
  • Despite the fancy play a very serious, but can be swelling (also known as angioedema) within 12-24 hours after treatment.



Urticaria etiology?

  • Due to the small blood vessels in the skin changes, and cause hives.
  • Due to the release of certain substances in vivo, to produce such a change, the most common to the genus histamine.
  • Due to allergic reactions or anaphylaxis, mast cells to release histamine.



What led to the sudden onset of hives?

  • Acute urticaria, will last a few hours, or even a week, usually, some kind of food or a viral infection caused by the drugs. Sometimes not even find out the cause.



What foods can cause more episodes of acute urticaria do?

  • Cause hives foods are the following:
  1. Nucleolus
  2. egg
  3. Fresh fruits (especially citrus)
  4. chocolate
  5. Fish and shellfish
  6. tomato
  7. Milk and cheese
  8. spices
  9. yeast
  • Food additives and preservatives, such as tartrazine (a yellow dye), can also cause hives. With varying degrees of absorption of digested food after more than rubella may appear within a few minutes, or it may occur after a few hours.



What drugs can cause hives?

  • Cause hives drugs generally include:
  1. Painkillers \ antirheumatic drugs, such as aspirin, codeine
  2. Antibiotics, such as penicillin, sulfa drugs
  • However, any medication can cause hives, even before taking a long time to find that none of the adverse reactions. Usually drug-induced acute urticaria, but it may also exacerbate chronic urticaria.



What else can cause hives?

  • Some physical factors may also lead to the recurrence of hives:
  1. sunlight
  2. cold
  3. pressure
  4. Sweating



Chronic urticaria

  • This incidence urticaria almost every day, continuing more than two months.
  • In most cases, the cause can not be found or significant aggravating factor.
  • Some patients also experience a physical urticaria.
  • Although some foods cause long-term chronic urticaria worsen, but under normal circumstances, not the cause of food allergies.
  • Infections such as candidiasis (a yeast infection) is perhaps one of the reasons, but not common.
  • It is known that emotional stress can exacerbate the condition of some patients with chronic urticaria.
  • 50% of chronic urticaria cleared in about six months.



How to cure treatment hives?

  • The best treatment is to identify and avoid the causes and aggravating factor.
  • Find the cause at the same time, open some antihistamines to relieve symptoms.
  • Antihistamines:
  1. Oral, takes about 90 minutes to ease attacks have rubella.
  2. If you can step by step to prevent the formation of rubella, the best results.
  3. To prevent side effects such as drowsiness, etc., can be non-stabilization of antihistamines.
  4. Antihistamine cream ineffective.
  • Unless you find a certain food may be the cause, or the exclusion diet method is useless.
  • Skin test usually ineffective.
  • Blood and urine may be used to rule out whether the infection is one of the reasons for the chronic urticaria.



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