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Acupuncture to treat Itch ? (For Professionals)

  • Acupuncture is known as a treatment of chronic symptoms such as pain, joint pain and the like and the following study shows interesting results in the treatment of itch (pruritus).


  • In this in vivo study, *90 mice were treated:
    • with a substance substance causing itch (in 30 mice) (compound 48/80) (subcutaneous injection behind the neck)
    • with saline (in 30 mice) (subcutaneous injection behind the neck)
    • with nothing



*all mice who received injections were locally anesthesized 20 minutes before the injection

  • The the acupuncture point (LI 11) (Quchi) was stimulated with different temperatures  (5, 15, 25, 35 celcius)
    • clinical measurement of itch was done with the number of hind-leg scratches
    • in 6 mice biopsies on 6 cervical sections were done randomly with measurement of the expression of c-fos positive nuclei



Significant result:

  • Stimulation at a lower temperature (15 celcius) resulted in a clinical reduction of itch and the number of c-fos positive nuclei




  • This suggests that acupuncture could be studied in humans to see if it reduces pruritus (itch) (desire to scratch).



Tsai K.S. Antipruritic Effecta of Lower Temperature Stimulation over Acupoints in the Mice Model.9th Asian Dermatological Congress (ADC) 13 – Hong Kong, SAR

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