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Caring for tattoos and removing them

  • Tattoos are a body modification process which involves the introduction of pigment into the dermis. They are forms of self expression, and historically speaking a form of identification to a group.
  • They range from the small simple “homemade” tattoo to elaborate extensive ones such as in the Yakuza in Japan.


  • This following video by the American Academy of Dermatology deals with tips on how to enhance tattoo appearance:
    • Apply water-based creams if the skin is dry (Petroleum Jelly can cause the tattoos to fade)
    • UV light from the sun and tanning beds can fade tattoo pigments. Apply a sunscreen (SPF over 30) on tattoos when outdoors (+ practical instructions)
    • New tattoos should be done on skin free of moles. Also because tattoos can mask skin changes, a skin check is recommended periodically or sooner if you note any changes.
    • See a dermatologist if the tattoos causing the skin to react or if you wish to have it removed.


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