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Common moles present at birth…and acquired (melanocytic naevus) and prevention of melanoma

Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (Naevus)(CMN)

  • These are melanocytic naevi (nevi) (“moles”) which are present at birth.
  • The melanocytic naevi vary greatly in size but can exceed 20cm of diameter.
  • They are generally located on the trunk.
  • They can develop into cancers (melanoma). Therefore, they should be excised if it is possible, although for esthetic reasons, it is not always possible. In that case, follow-up of the lesions with a dermatoscope (dermoscopy) is indicated. The more a congential melanocytic naevus (CMN= is big, the greater the risk of developing skin cancer.Ils peuvent se développer en cancer (mélanomes).
  • CMNs can be associated with other malformations.



Moles (Melanocytic Naevi (Nevi))
  • It is important to consult a dermatologist who will determine your risk of developing a melanoma. He will examine your lesions with an apparatus called a dermatoscope or videomicroscope. He will also determine a follow-up plan. He will also determine if some lesions should be excised and examined with a microscope (histology).
  • He will also give you some advice on:
  1. self-examination (self-exam) of your moles.
  2. sun protection


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