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Hair fall (Alopecia, Hair loss)


  • When examining hair, it is to determine whether
    • hair loss is localized or diffuse
    • whether scarring is present or not
    • whether are skin changes in the hair, the face, the nails or on the rest of the body
    • whether the hair is actively falling
    • whether there are changes of the hair shaft


  • Examination together with history enable the dermatologist (skin doctor) to make an initial diagnosis; further blood tests can be ordered most especially to determine if other systemic conditions can be linked (iron deficiency anemia (anaemia)…).


  • When a solid diagnosis is made the patient can be informed of expectations and treatment (local and/or systemic) can be initiated.


  • Common causes of:
    • localized non-scarring alopecia: alopecia areata, androgenic (androgenetic) alopecia, trichotillomania…
    • localized scarring alopecia: discoid (chronic) lupus erythematosus…
    • diffuse non-scarring alopecia: telogen effluvium, iron deficiency, syphilis…


  • Treatment options are widespread and include sprays, injections, oral medication…


General information on hair loss