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How to apply Sunscreen

  • The sun has adverse effects:
    • by enhancing the development of skin malignancies
    • by leading to premature aging (ageing) (photoaging (photoageing))
    • by worsening several skin conditions (such as melasma)…
  • Applying sunscreen is one of the ways of sunprotection, but it has to be used correctly in order to be effective.


  • The following video by the American Academy of Dermatology explains the practical use of sunscreens:
    • What Sunprotection Factor (SPF) to use
    • What kind of sunscreen to choose
    • How long after application the sunscreens becomes effective
    • How much sunscreen is needed ?
    • Where and when to apply sunscreen ?
    • When to re-apply sunscreen

  • To read more about sunprotection, click HERE.
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