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How to prevent skin conditions in athletes

  • Athletes are more at a risk to catching skin infections, as prolonged skin-to-skin contact is often the case (such as in wrestling).
  • Infections include bacteria, viruses and fungi, and they easily spread from one teammate to another


  • The following video by dermatologists from the American Academy of Dermatology gives the following recommendations:
    • Clean and cover cuts and scratches before training
    • Perform regular skin checks. Cover friction blistering areas (such as the heels)
    • Keeping the skin dry reduces infection risk and this can be done by wearing moisture absorbing clothes
    • Reduce blistering risks by wearing properly fitting shoes, 2 pairs of socks (absorbent) and alternate footwear daily
    • Shower after each training session the whole body by using an antimicrobial soap
    • Encourage wearing of flip flops or sandals in public areas and when showering.
    • Discourage sharing of towels and other “personal” material. Wash clothes and towels after each use as well as sports bags.
    • Disinfect used equipment daily

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