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Keloids (For Professionals)

  • Keloids represent an abnormal reaction to trauma with an excessive tissue response and a excessive production of collagen (increased mRNA of collagen).
  • Effective treatment modalities are limited and include on
  1. first line cryotherapy, intralesional injections of steroids, compression therapy, and radiotherapy (in trained hands).
  2. The best treatment second line treatment remains to our mind excision followed by compression therapy and monthly injections of triamcinolone.
  3. Vascular pulsed dye lasers might decrease redness (at least in theory), but all lasers (even the non ablative ones) involve energy delivered to the dermis. Energy is converted to heat and carries a risk of scarring. Keloids being an excessive scarring reaction, it appears to us that lasers do not make much sense. This is an opinion and further research is needed.



This advice is for informational purposes  only and does not replace therapeutic judgement done by a skin doctor.

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