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Micheline: a fragile Glass (Chapter 3; Case Study)

Micheline is a 61 year old woman with Alopecia Areata affecting all the hairs on the head and body (Alopecia Universalis)
-The condition began 12 years earlier.
Topical treatments prescribed by several dermatologists have all failed.

Double Management will be used as antidepressant medication is required. Following a dream of hair regrowth, hair will grow back on the eyelashes and pubic area.

-Thin hairs regrow on the scalp, but progress will be halted…dreams reveal dissatisfaction in two aspects of her life she is made aware of. The evolution of this case is still open, but the author is positive that finding practical solutions will make her stop wearing a wig, or at least bring the satisfaction of seeing some hair growing back.


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