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Microorganisms found on the Skin (Bacteria, Fungi and Yeast)

  • Bacteria, Fungi and Yeast can live normally on the skin flora.
  • Bacteria live peacefully on the superficial part of the skin (stratum corneum).
    • They are around 7.5 million per square millimetre and are normally shed when the epidermis is renewed.
    • Because of the tight overlapping junctions between dead corneocytes, organisms are unable to penetrate intact skin. If they do they are confronted to the first immune cells of the organisms = Langerhans Cells; Defective autoimmunity can lead to infections.
    • Bacteria density and types vary according to different sites of the body.
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  • Yeast like Candida are normally present on the Skin, however they have an ambiguous role and can lead to infections: click HERE to read more