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Oral Tranexemic Acid in the treatment of Melasma (Chloasma)(Pregnancy Mask): Efficacy

  • Therapeutical effects of tranexamic acid have been shown in anecdotal reports
  • Goh BK and al. treated 20 patients refractory to topical treatment with small doses of tranexamic acid (250mg twice a day) for 3 to 6 months.
  • Assessment of results was done with photos, Investigator Global Assessment and MASI score (Melasma Area and Severity Index).
  • Retrospective analysis of results showed an average reduction of MASI by 51.3% (statistically significant)



  • Although no side effect has been reported in THIS study, melasma recurred 2 to 3 months after stopping the treatment. Additionally, the treatment was taken orally and side effects have been reported. Although topical (local) treatments don’t prevent recurrence, treatment is local only and does not carry the risk of systemic side effects.



Bibliography: Goh BK. Oral Tranexamic Acid in the treatment of Melasma Refractory to Topical Therapy.Ancillary Meeting on Pigment Cell Research. World Congress of Dermatology (WCD). Seoul, South Korea

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