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Patrick should have been an Artist (Chapter 3; Case Study)

Patrick is a 27 year old man who has loss of all the hair in the scalp as well as all the hairs on the rest of the body – a condition called alopecia universalis. The condition began 2 years beforehand following a motorbike accident.

-He presents to the initial concentration with a thick visible black pen mark to cover the eyebrow area.
-He works as a programmer, but would have liked to be a photographer.
-Psychology tests show that he is depressed and unable to project himself in the future

6 months after psychotherapy, he feels better…and thin hairs grow on the scalp. His romantic desires and dreams are confided and depicted in detail in this Chapter.

-It finally reveals the real problem: his romantic life. Even though he falls in love, he never achieved his goals and after 4 years of therapy his psychosexual problem and hair regrowth still need to be resolved.

-Following Psychoanalysis over years, his hair will grow back


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