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Psychodermatology: The Main Tests used (inspired from Psychoanalysis) (Chapter 6)

  • Personality and Psychological characteristics can be tested: they allow to locate precisely where the problem lies and allows the therapist to plan how the therapy should be conducted (Double Management):
    • They allow to identify emotions such as anxiety (medication) and localize trauma to define when the trauma took place (psychonanalysis)
    • Tests are efficient as these are compatible with the time restraints of a busy hospital consultations.
  • Thus, these tests are both simplified and have a high diagnostic yield
  • These tests are done in a specific order and have validated methods to interpret them. The tests done for a dermatology patients are:
    • Szondi’s test
    • Rorschach’s test (Inkblot test)
    • Analyzing Handwriting (Graphology)
    • Test of the Tree (Koch’s Baum test)
  • These tests are explained in detail in this Chapter. There is also practical information to how the tests are done in a consultation.


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