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Sebaceous Gland (structure)

  • Sebaceous Glands are located on the face.
  • They are composed of Sebocytes.
  • They are closely linked to hair follicles and secretions are liberated in its space: the secretion is called (=oiliness of the skin). Sebaceous glands communicate with hair follicles and are mostly located on the face: this is commonly known as the Pilo-sebaceous unit.
  • Acne is dependent on 3 factors: Bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes), Hormones (Androgens) and Oily skin (Sebaceous Glands). All three particpants contribute to the liberation of inflammatory mediators.
    • Sebaceous glands are the target of oral isotretinoin, it reduces the size and 4 to 8 months sebum suppression is becoming the new evaluation of treatment duration; to read more, click HERE.