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We participate in Medical Education Worldwide through Social Media (login not required to view the pages):

-Facebook pages

  • Dermatology News Daily: daily news – clinical and benchmark – about what is making the headlines in Dermatology. There is also a weekly quiz on Wednesdays. (It is the most popular page in the field with over 300k likes, 140k weekly post views and an engagement rate of 15k)
  • Skin Diseases Weekly: this page contains a weekly article about a general topic in dermatology. It is prepared by board certified dermatologists who wish to give as much digested information to patients and the general public as possible, never to replace the doctor, but to promote skin medicine as a whole.
  • Galleria Dermatologica: a picture is worth a thousand words…especially in Dermatology ! Participate by liking, making comments…and keep your eyes trained.
  • Dermatologica Helvetica: posts from the Journal of the Swiss Society of Dermatology and Venereology (SSDV, SGDV).
  • Dermatology +: posts from the “professional section” of the Global Dermatology Information Portal; for dermatologists, doctors and those who wish to dig deeper.
  • Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD): posts from the world’s leading clinical dermatology journal. (Impact Factor: 5.004 (2013))
  • Global Acne: all that concerns acne: from fundamental to clinical research; from diagnosis to treatment.
  • Global Aesthetics: deals with the medicine of appearance. Topics covered include updates from research on aging and explanation of beauty-enhancing treatments.
  • Global Atopic Dermatitis: this type of eczema affects 10% of children, and more so in industrialized countries and urban environments.
  • Global Pigmentation: information on pigmentation problems and solutions (clinical and research).
  • Global Psoriasisarticles on one of the most common skin diseases as well as the promising results in research and therapeutics.
  • Sunprotection & Skin Cancer: posts dealing with Sunprotection, Cancerous and Precancerous Skin changes.
  • VIP Dermatology: famous people, politicians and movie stars also have skin problems.


  • high quality pictures say it all. 2 weekly quizzes, atlas images with explanations, specialized topics and more !


  • gderm…follow us ! Contains all the posts and retweets from the facebook pages just mentioned. It also contains the posts from The Global Dermatology Practice. Run by Dr Christophe HSU.

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