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The Fibroblast (cell)

  • The Fibroblast (cell) is the main cell of the dermis and is solely responsible for the production of its main compenents: collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. It is also responsible for the breakdown of these components.
  • With Aging fibroblasts become less active and this translates clinically as wrinkles (tissue loss)



Did you know ?

  • Cultured fibroblasts have been the cells of choice for the study of microtubule function.
  • Fibroblasts grown in cell cultures are long and flattened, and move around  the surface of the culture dish with a broad leading edge  and a narrow trailing edge (In contrast keratinocytes (epithelial cells) stay flattened and many-sided in culture).
  • In all cultured cells, cytoplasmic microtubules radiate outwards in the cytoplasm from a structure close to the nucleus called the centrosome.



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