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Tips on how to prevent athlete’s foot (fungal infection)

  • Fungal infections of the feet are common, involvement of the nail by a dermatophyte is the most common disease of the nail. It presents as cracking and flaking on the feet, between the feet, and as alterations in nail texture.


  • The risk of catching athlete’s foot can be minimized by following the following tips as described in this video by the American Academy of Dermatology:
    • Avoid walking around barefooted in public ares (swimming pools, gyms): wear sandals or flip-flops even when showering
    • Keep your feet dry:
      • Reduce humidity and moisture in the shoes:
      • change footwear everyday
      • wear sandals or flip flops if its hot.
      • Shoes made from plastic and rubber can increase  heat and humidity
      • Wash your feet everyday with soap and dry them completely
      • Wear socks if possible some with absorbing properties and change everyday
    • Don’t share shoes, towels or linens with an infected person
    • To diagnose a fungal infection and get appropriate treatment, see a dermatologist

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