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Viral Warts (Common Warts)

  • Viral warts (common warts) are caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
  • They are contagious growths which can be located anywhere. They present as rough appearing bumps except on the soles of the feet where they appear flat.
  • Warts bleed easily when traumatized. On the soles of the feet, they can be painful, as the dead skin produced as a result of the virus growing inwards and thus inducing a “mass effect.”
  • Treatment options are widespread and will be discussed with a dermatologist (skin doctor). Cryotherapy is a treatment option. Multiple treatments can be needed and the combination with other treatment modalities is sometimes useful.
  • Generally warts disappear in 80% of cases after 2 years, but this is statistical and the duration of a wart for a given individual is highly variable.


General information on viral warts