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What type of skin do I have ?

  • What dermatologists hear the most are patient’s comments on how dry, oily their skin is…

Here is how you can determine what type of skin you have:

  • Normal skin
  1. Small pores
  2. Smooth on touch without feeling rough (dry skin) or oily



  • Dry/sensitive skin
  1. Small pores with an oily secretion on the surface.
  2. Tarnishes itself and dehydrates easily.
  3. Forms wrinkles therefore more easily.



  • Oily skin
  1. Big pores with abundant oily secretion. Because of this the skin “shines”.
  2. The skin is prone to developing acne (blackheads) and appears rough.



  • Skin of mixed type
  1. The skin is oily in the following locations of the face:
    1. the central part of the forehead
    2. the nose
    3. the chin
  2. The skin is dry/sensitive in the following locations of the face:
    1. the cheeks
    2. the jaws
    3. the external parts of the forehead



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