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Wrinkles: simple ways to improve appearance

  • Aging (Ageing) is an inevitable consequence of the passing of years and many genetic and environmental factors play a role in the final appearance.
  • Photoaging is a direct consequence of sunexposure and can therefore be prevented.
  • Ageing is the consequence of functional deficiencies in the skin, but there are ways of reducing their appearance and the extent of methods used need to be weighed against the psychological distress of having them.
  • The following video by the American Academy of Dermatology provides practical tips to the following questions:
    • Why protect my skin against the sun ?
    • What Sunprotection Factor (SPF) should I use ?
    • Why use a moisturizer (moisturiser) ?
    • Why avoid skin irritants and allergens ?
    • Why limit the use of several skin products at the same time ?
    • How to choose anti-aging product at what to expect ?
    • What to do next ?

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