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Acne Vulgaris (pimples, common acne)

  • Acne is a common skin condition and it typically affects individuals in their teenage years.
  • However, especially in women acne can persist and 10% of women aged 40 still have acne.
  • When seeing the dermatologist (skin doctor), he or she will examine the location and classify the type of acne (inflammatory, retentional or mixed), which will determine the way the condition is managed. It is also important to evaluate how bothersome the condition is to treat more or less aggressively.
  • In practice, acne needs to be investigated:
    • If diabetes is suspected a blood test should be done. This may then require a pluridisciplinary approach: general practioner, nutritionist, endocrinologist.
    • Especially in women, if acne persists after the age of 25, this may then require the cooperation of a gynecologist.


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