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Teledermatology – Dermtel App

Available on all Smartphones here: iPhone, Android.

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  • Free to download and explore. Only right at the end is payment needed to submit a case to the skin doctor (19.99). Easy to use. It’s really useful to get familiar so that when it’s needed, it’s a breeze.

  • Instructions
    1. Take a picture of the problem you wish to submit.
    2. Fill out briefly a few word explaining your problem.
    3. Send (payment made here: italic)
    4. Receive your answer within 24 hours. Opinions are done exclusively by board certified dermatologists in their country of origin and member of Global Dermatology (LINK); all cases are quality controlled by a board certified dermatologist, member of Global Dermatology based in Switzerland.




  • Ideally, nothing replaces a face-to-face consultation with a dermatologist in your home country.
  • Information supplied serves educational purposes. Due to the anonymous nature of the demand, there is no physician-to-patient relationship. This service delivers no prescription and does not replace a consult with a doctor/dermatologist.
  • Full Terms of Use
  • If there are questions, support is ready to help; please send only to [email protected]