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Terms of Use

Answers provided by Dermtel dermatologists are for informational purposes only to give you peace of mind and what to do next, since you are anonymous, it does not create a physician-patient relationship, and is not a diagnosis or a treatment plan. The accuracy of the answer depends on the quantity and quality of the information (pictures and questions)received.

Opinions on submitted cases are done exclusively by board certified dermatologists in their country of origin; all cases are quality controlled by a senior board certified dermatologists, based in Switzerland member of Global Dermatology. A dermatologist is a skin doctor. That means that in addition to become a medical doctor, they are certified by a specialist degree in dermatology, which required many years of training, an examination and continuing medical education.

The listed dermatologists as officers or members of Global Dermatology joined the group on their demand and have supplied certifications – we verified them. It is not our policy to emit specific recommendations. Some of the listed dermatologists participate in opinions supplied by this service.

Information supplied serves educational purposes. Due to the anonymous nature of the demand, there is no physician-to-patient relationship. This service delivers no prescription and does not replace a consult with a doctor/dermatologist.

The payment transaction implies the acceptance of terms of use.
The service is given on a single opinion basis and payment is done through Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Paypal or credit card. Once the payment is done, no refund is made.
This service is not covered by insurance.

Submission of data
Une fois le paiement effectué l’ensemble des informations pour la demande sont considérées comme étant fournies. Elles servent de base pour l’ensemble de l’interprétation de la demande.
En raison du caractère anonyme de chaque demande, les demandes incomplètes, pour quelque raison, doivent être resoumises et sont donc des nouvelles demandes.

Format of given opinions
Practical opinions are given on the basis of the information supplied. They are given by board certified dermatology doctors (physicians).
Opinions are given in a punctual way and no follow-up is available through this service. Once again, it does not replace your dematologist, doctor or closest emergency department.

Use of Data
Data is anonymous and can be used for educational purposes in dermatology.