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Angele: Acne Excoriee (Picking on Acne lesions) (Chapter 5; Case Study)

-Acne Excoriee is a neurotic condition (a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)) for which the patient complains of acne or acne scarring. Usually, few or now primary lesions are present but the affected individual finds excoriating them difficult to resist.

-This 50 year old woman has been complaining of acne on the face and the neck since the age of 15. She describes the lesions as itchy and picks at them. Physical examination will reveal “disastrous” scarring

-The author will follow the patient for 3 years after determining her personality…4 therapists will be required; through a special technique of face-to-face psychoanalysis, she will eventually forget to attack her skin.


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