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  • Dermatology is a specialty which was founded in early 19th century France. Modern dermatology was based on the descriptive classification done by Robert Willan from Britain (It can be argued as the Austrian physician Von Plenck developed the classification in the late 18th century).
  • Whatever is argued, the classification system is purely descriptive and no changes have been done since that time.
  • The Introduction of “Skin, Mind and Soul” goes through the historical background of the specialty, then the different progress which has been made in neuroscience and the probable existing links between psychological factors and skin lesions. It then presents in a few words the practical aspects of the psychology consultation as done by the author,* with a strong emphasis on psychoanalysis and interpretation of dreams.
  • Dr Daniele Pomey-Rey is a dermatologist-psychiatrist-psychoanalyist. She has a 40 year experience with dealing with this approach and is a consulting physician at Saint-Louis Hospital – Paris, France


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