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Presentation (Chapter 3: Alopecia Areata)

-Alopecia Areata is a frustrating condition for the dermatologist, often faced with helplessness.

-It can present as localized patches affecting the scalp and any area. In severe cases it can affect the whole scalp (alopecia totalis) and even all the hairs of the head and body (alopecia universalis)

-Treatments include corticosteroids (local, injected, oral) and irritants (DCP). Treatments are often ineffective and the evolution of the condition is hard to predict. (only 17% of cases show spontaneous regrowth)

-The condition can last for years and there are poor prognostic factors such as Atopic Dermatitis and when the nape of the neck is involved (ophiasis)

The following chapter contains:
-a letter written by a patient showing his frustration
-the impossibility of reaching the “oral communication phase.” This depends on the relationship with the parents; more precisely, there are 3 main causes.
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