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Moles checks and Prevention of Skin Cancer

  • Moles are usually harmless, but can degenerate into an aggressive cancer called malignant melanoma.


  • There are risk factors which are genetic (light skin complexion, family history of melanoma, multiple moles…) and behavioural (sunlight exposure, lack of use of sunscreen…).


  • In any case, it is a good idea to have the moles checked regularly by a dermatologist (skin doctor).


  • During the skin examination he/she will use an instrument called a dermatoscope. By using technical criteria (ABCDE) criteria, some moles may have to be followed-up or removed and examined under a microscope (histology).



Note: In children modified ABCD criteria should be considered as the presentation of melanoma is different and the index of suspicion is usually low.


General information about common moles

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